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  •  Rajesh Kumar (Sannyasi Bhargava - Spritual Name)

Sanyasi Bhargava (Rajesh Kumar) hails from Deogarh in Jharkhand, the place of the Buddha and Mahavira and the Baba Baidyanathdham, a famous place of Lord Shiva's, also known for Tantra.

He finished his academic education with high grades in Botany; it was then that he came in contact with Paramhamsa Satyananda in Deoghar when Swamiji was completing his Panchagni Sadhna. He went to Munger and Bihar Yoga Bharti, the world renowned university for complete scientific yoga education and completed his Masters in Applied Yogic Science passing with a first class degree.

He served Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited Bhopal, the largest public sector company in India with over 10000 employees, for two years. There he taught stress management through a series of lectures and yoga practices to senior executives and junior employees in the H R department.

Swami Niranjan initiated Rajesh in Karma Sannyasa thus allowing him to become a Sanyassi Bhargava. He went to Rishikesh and the foothill of Himalayas to learn the ancient system of tantra knowledge and experience ashram life.

Now he is in Mumbai having gained 8 years of experience in teaching yoga on a regular basis, including teaching at prestigious club houses like the Garware and corporates like Mahindra & Mahindra.

An expert in treating ailments of neurological muscular and skeletal system with trained perception and therepeutic yoga. His intensive research on the effects of trataka on insomnia proved that sleep inducers are not the solution for an undisturbed sleep. Instead with sincere effort he believes with help one can restore the natural potential for self healing through yogic tools which also can cure psychosomatic diseases.

He has a proven ability to interact with people at all levels and specializes in programmes for corporates and the hotel industry. He has also trained to hold yoga conventions and seminars anywhere in the world.

He is a master in kundalini yoga, kriya yoga, chakra awakening and spiritual sadhana designed for the transformation of personality. With help, these ancient tools can be utilized to release the true spiritual potency in your everyday life.


  • Gita Shah (Sannyasi Mantrasagar Spiritual Name)

Sannyasi Mantrasagar (Gita Shah) is a Graduate in Economics and Politics from Mumbai University. She met Sannyasi Bhargava in May 2003 and has since then been associated with him in all his yogic activities.

Inspired by Sannyasi Bhargava, she became the disciple of Swami Niranjan and took the Mantra, Jigyasu and Karma Sannyas.

She has completed her diploma in yogic science and presently instructs in Raj Yoga. She is also in charge of organising lecture series and workshops on various topics related to holistic health and spiritual practice as well as seminars on psychosomatic and somatopsychic disease.

She has been a long standing devotee of Yoga in various forms as well as coordinating the Yog Tantra site. It is her earnest Sankalp to teach and propagate the real knowledge of the ancient system of yoga and spread yoga door to door and shore to shore.


Mrs. Gita Shah is also running a yoga instruction and therapy classroom - “ARADHANA” at the Swashraya on Marine Drive. The Yoga Studio enables one to rejuvenate oneself through asana, pranayama, dharana, dhyana and meditation.

The Yoga center also offers special programs for the following:

  • Special batches for children
    1. assuring proper physical growth
    2. dynamic, flexible, healthy body and correct posture
    3. increasing memory power and concentration

  • Special classes for women
    1. body sculpture and glowing complexion
    2. healthy supple body
    3. menstrual cycle related problems
    4. yoga for pregnant women
    5. post natal care
    6. menopause related problems

  • Therapeutic yoga
    1. treatment for arthritis, rheumatic and other joint related problems
    2. treatment for slip disc, cervical spondalities, cytica, lower back pain
    3. hypertension and blood pressure
    4. heart diseases, diabetes and obesity and other health related problems

  • Spiritual Courses in Pranavidya and Chakkrashuddi

For further details contact:
MRS. GITA SHAH (Certified by Bihar School of Yoga)
Address: 81, Swashraya Building, Near HVB Academy,
Marine Drive, Mumbai – 400002.
Phone: 9819879070.  E-mail: shahgp@gmail.com

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